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Volume 1 Baitcasting Basics :: Volume 1

The first in-depth and action-packed DVD about Shorefishing in Hawaii, produced by Hawaii Fishermen!  Detailed info on baitcasting gear: rods, reels, hooks….”Tips and Tricks, Gyotaku, and Action Footage!




Volume 2 Simple Shorecasting :: Volume 2

Instruction on methods and gear for heavy baitcasting and slide bait fishing.  Conventional reel tuning, Casting Instruction, Tips and tricks, and Action……Ulua!


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Check out our videos Baitcasting Basics and Simple Shorecasting, view sample clips from the shows, and click on the link to buy the disks.



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Volume 1, Baitcasting Basics  $10.95


Volume 2, Simple Shorecasting  $10.95



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Get either Shorefishing Hawaii, Volume 1, Baitcasting Basics or Shorefishing Hawaii, Volume 2, Simple Shorecasting for the low price of $10.95 each, and you get FREE SHIPPING!*



Still, the ONLY instructional DVD's on shore fishing in Hawaii. 











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